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Anvil Sound originated as an outreach ministry prior to developing into the music band it is today. It all started a few years ago when Rick Rush began serving at Mel Trotter Ministries, a homeless shelter in Grand Rapids, MI. In 2013, Ben Davis moved from Dallas, TX, to take the pastorate of a church in Holland, MI, and soon he too began ministering at Mel Trotter. The congregation that gathered at the shelter had very real needs concerning shelter, clothing, medical attention and food. There were darker troubles also: fear, depression, and anxiety - the type of things that destroy hope and faith. As the two men ministered at the shelter, they noticed a difference in the way the congregation responded to their blend of R&B Gospel. Building up the audience's trust and confidence in God's purpose became the trademark of their ministry.


As new opportunities developed, eventually a band formed around this concept of using their music to help renew hope in their audiences. New members were added. Rick's cousins, Eric and Phil Strickland, joined as well as his younger brother Mark. Anvil Sound is a family band in one sense; and yet a bit more. Because of the eclectic musical abilities of all five men, coupled with unique style of song interpretation; the finished product is emotional, worshipful, and yet enjoyable. Each song has its individual style and drive... and then, there is that particular something you will recognize as the Anvil Sound.   

Ben Davis

is a minister and a musician.  By age fourteen he was playing piano/keyboard for recording studios along with directing his high school and church choirs.  After college he married Pamela and they will soon be celebrating thirty-two years of marriage.  They have two children and now are blessed with two beautiful granddaughters.  Today he continues to enjoy life as a follower of Jesus, husband, father, grandfather, pastor, singer, and songwriter.

Mark Rush

was born and raised in West Michigan. Growing up in church instilled an interest and love for music including a passion for drums and percussion instruments.  He has had the privilege to play with great musicians and artists over his lifetime and looks forward to playing and experiencing new music in the future.  Musical talent runs deep in his family.  

Rick Rush

has been around music all his life, starting with his mother teaching him how to sing and play the guitar at an early age.  He has served in several churches in the West Michigan area in various positions including praise and worship leader, musician, vocalist, and pastor.  Rick has been married to Ann for thirty-five years and they have three children and one granddaughter.  He’s excited to be a part of the group, Anvil Sound, and continue to use his talent for the Lord.


Eric Strickland

was blessed with a large, musically talented family where music was a part of his home and church growing up with his five siblings and many cousins.  Eric enjoys playing drums and singing for the Lord. He has been involved with local groups in West Michigan singing for large events at the VanAndel Arena and was a member of Faithful Journey, a men’s quartet.  Feeling the presence of the Lord and worshipping God with his family and friends are things he enjoys most. 

Phil Strickland

grew up in a Pentecostal church in Grand Rapids.  God placed a love for music in his heart at an early age and a desire for the warmer tones of the bass guitar.  He has been happily married to his wife Cindy for twenty-nine years and have three wonderful children.  God is the driving force in his life and he cannot imagine life without Him.